Selectin Biosciences products are primarily available from our authorized distributors.
We will, however, sell directly to institutional users like Biopharmaceutical companies,
research institutes and university laboratories. There is a $3000.00 minimum purchase.
We accept purchase orders only.

If you require smaller quantities, please visit one of our distributors.

Please contact us for quotations on bulk quantities and custom dispensing.


Our standard tube volumes for all individual enzymes are:

60 μl size- $405.00

200 μl size- $1200.00

except for GE13(Bovine testes β-galacotsidase) which is 200 μl for $405.00


GE52 Enzymatic Protein Deglycosylation Kit - $550.00

GE50 Enzymatic Protein Deglycosylation pre-mix Kit - $325.00

GE53 Sialic Acid Quantitation Kit - $500.00

GE57 Endoglycosidase F1,F2, F3 Sampler Kit - $405.00