PNGase F

PNGase F [Peptide-N
4-(acetyl-beta-glucosaminyl)-asparagine amidase, EC] cleaves asparagine-linked high mannose as well as hybrid and complex oligosaccharides from glycoproteins. It deaminates the asparagine to aspartic acid but leaves the oligosaccharide intact. PNGase F will not remove oligosaccharides containing α(1,3)-linked core fucose commonly found on plant glycoproteins; use PNGase A for this purpose. In addition, PNGase F will fail to cleave if the asparagine to which the oligosaccharide is linked is not peptide bonded to at least one amino acid residue at both the N and C termini. Detergent and heat denaturation increases the rate of cleavage up to 100X.

5000 U/ml - 300 U for 60 μL

GE41 Native PNGase F datasheet in pdf

GE40 Recombinant PNGase F datasheet in pdf